Share a page where your friends sign up to commit to vote with you.

Create a page to encourage your friends, fans, and followers to join you in committing to vote. The more people who join you, the better. Together, we’ll make sure everyone who signs on knows what they need to make it happen in November!


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How does it work?

When people sign up to vote with you, we’ll contact them on your behalf in order to make sure everyone is registered, establishes a plan to vote, and follows through to carry it out. Then, we’ll delete everything. We’re committed to using people’s info only and up to getting them to vote.

After people pledge to vote...

We’ll help with all the crappy, logistical stuff: Can I vote? Am I registered? Can I do mail-in / absentee voting? If so, how? Do I know how to find my polling place? Can I get there? When can I vote, whether early or day of? What all’s on the ballot? We got you, all the way through to making sure everything goes smoothly day-of, directing pledges to organizations that protect voting access.

Why you?

One of the proven, most effective ways to get out the vote is also dead simple: commit to it, and bring your friends.

Vote With leverages the relationship between you and your fans in an approach akin to relational organizing: utilizing reminders, follow-up, and accountability to ultimately drive turnout.

Vote With is a volunteer-run campaign led by experienced voting rights activists and technologists. All data we collect will be used solely for voter turnout efforts, and will only be shared with trusted partners for the purpose of confirming voter information. No other communications will be sent to pledges.